You seem to be lost.

The funny thing about the internet is that you tend to get lost in it when you wander aimlessly and it's a good thing you got here instead of somewhere else 'coz - oh, boy - there are places on the web far worse than a 404.

So, why are you here, you ask? It seems to us that you could have gotten here by mistake (wrong URL, dead link, etc.) or you could have clicked on certain Halalan 2013 features we've yet to release. (We're willing to bet that it's the latter.) If it is the latter, we do hope you're excited as we are to see these features up and running! We've got a lot lined up for you so please do check back from time to time 'coz it's going to be legen - wait for it - dary! (Yup, we went there. Sorry!)

Anyhoo, that's all the time (and pop culture reference) we have. We figured a long-form 404 would be a better worth of your time since we're assuming that you're checking our site to read stuff. (And, long-forms are good reads, yes? Yes?) But, we can't possibly keep you here. We've got code to, uh, code and you've got news to read. Be on your way, then, dear reader! (Click on the logo or any link in the navigation to go back to our spanking new Halalan 2013 website!)

See you in v2.0!

The Halalan 2013 Web Team